Chalk Couture Products

Chalkology Paste

Chalkology Paste is a water-soluble crafting paste that goes on wet, dries hard and washes off of nonporous surfaces with water, if used on natural wood that is not painted, there may be residue that cannot be removed. It is used with our Chalk Transfers to give a beautiful, unique design each time. Once it is dry it will not smear or smudge and has a durable yet smooth finish. It can be layered, glittered (while it’s wet) and even written on once it is dry.

Chalk Couture offers unique framed and unframed magnetic chalkboards.  Framed chalkboards boast unique, ornate frames perfect as a statement piece in any home.  The porcelain steel chalkboard panel comes with a 50 year warranty, supporting the strong craftsmanship of the product. 

Chalk Transfers

The Chalk Transfers are reusable adhesive silkscreens that can be used on chalkboards, windows, mirrors, tile, whiteboards, appliances, painted furniture and so much more.  Chalk Transfers can be cut into their various pieces if applicable for ease of use.  It's really as easy as:

  1. Place.

  2. Paste.

  3. Peel.‚Äč

Shadow Boxes

Chalk Couture is consistently evolving in product offering.  The newest of these offerings are shadow boxes that come in black and white.  They are 10"x10" with a beautiful construction.  The design allows for chalking on the back panel AND on the front glass! Create beauty with dimension!

Couture Ink

Chalk Couture next game-changing release that will allow you to use our already amazing transfers and push the couture ink through them to make permanent designs on a pillow case, t-shirts or anything you can screen print! This is a total game changer!