Chalkin' Dream Stats​

The Chalkin' Dream Team is led by Robin & Matthew Buttacavoli. Robin & Matthew have achieved the status of Master Mentor with over 100 team members on the roster.  Robin & Matthew team ranges from team builders, expo teams all the way to hobbyists. 


They work in close conjunction with the company and their team including: 


Mentor: Meagan S

Master Designer: Amy P

Our Team

The Chalkin' Dream Team is managed through our private Facebook group.  This group has become a gathering for our community of designers to celebrate their successes, share design ideas, and attend weekly training.  Each member brings their own unique ideas and values to our team, which has allowed our growth and development as professionals.  Alone we are good, together we are great.  Our group has an amazing range of skill levels, ranging from team builder to teams that focus on expos and large shows to the hobbyists that turn out the most amazing chalk art. 

Team Incentives

In the Chalkin Dream team, we believe in rewarding hard work!  Each month there is a monthly team incentive with various mini-incentives scattered throughout the month to help support your growth goals, and to give additional incentive to work hard resulting in your ability to play hard! 

Incentive rewards have included:​

  • Product Credit

  • Cash Awards

  • Handmade Jewelry by Robin & Matt

  • Retired Transfer or Paste Giveaways

  • Free Products

  • and so much more!