Facebook live in the #1 marketing tool in my toolbox. Facebook is pushing out live videos more than ANYTHING else in the newsfeed! That means if you'll learn how to go live, and get really good, you have the opportunity to put your business in front of the masses without feeling icky! You can do what you love and create beautiful art and people can tune in from anywhere on the globe to watch!  I've built relationships with people and grown a network of true friends!  I have put together a presentation so you can learn how to confidently go live without being terrified! 


Check out these stats!


Facebook Live Videos Are Watched 3x Longer Than Videos That Aren’t Live      


Users Comment On Facebook Live Videos At 10x The Rate Of Regular  Videos


Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts


Did you know: Going Live solidifies that you are in fact a real person, with real feelings, opinions, and personality traits, PEOPLE RELATE TO YOU.




Click ”POST UPDATE” at the top of your News Feed

Write something about your live video- **TIP** I always use #LIVE- Join Me!

Titles must have fewer than 255 characters or the stream will fail. Short and catchy is Key!

Add emoji/arrows, anything, to add some color to your title

Click Go Live

**Remember, flip your screen if you are on iPhone, you want to make sure the words are not backward!




Keep talking as if you have an audience- So what if you have 0 viewers, keep talking as if you do!

Have good lighting, use lamps, go live during the daytime, get a lighting kit, whatever you need to make sure people can see you well. (Links to all the products I use below!)


Clear the clutter! Find your best space to do your live, eliminate messy backgrounds. You can get a cheap backdrop from amazon hereàhttp://amzn.to/2jgi8Zu (affiliate)


Sunday nights are the BEST night for live, but switch it up. Try daytime, late evenings, avoid Saturday days, people are usually busy! Think about your audience, when are YOU online normally?


Remember, worst case scenario, you hit the END button!




Mount- http://www.arkon.com/product/HD8RV29-phone-stand-periartist-baking-livestream.html

Lighting kit – http://www.arkon.com/product/SPLEDRING-live-streaming-video-selfie-light.html

Tablet Mount for the Pro Stand - http://www.arkon.com/product/TAB131-tablet-clamp-post-mount.html


Make sure you use promo code: ChalkWonder for 20% off!!!



  1. Introductions and start Kit opening! When your kit arrives, open it live! Please, however, be familiar with the contents of your kit and be able to explain the products.

  2. The first project with your starter kit- Aiden chalkboard- show how easy it is to wash off the transfer.

  3. Transfer on a piece of wood.

  4. Transfer on a mirror.

  5. Transfer directly to a wall.

  6. Transfer on a fabric tote bag, t-shirt.

  7. Glass etching with chalk couture transfer. (Etching cream-- https://etchall.com/)

  8. Hosting a virtual party- describe how a virtual facebook party would work and ask for hostesses, talk about incentives and rewards for hosting and let them know how easy a party would be.

  9. Show how to wash and clean transfers.

  10. Show layering and how to create multiple layer designs.

  11. Talk about the opportunity and host a Q+A session.

  12. Teach the shadow effect. (transfer put slightly offset from the first layer and use a coordinating color)

  13. Use pantry decals to show organization.

  14. Use multiple colors on one transfer to show blending colors.

  15. How to store your transfers- if you use Art folders



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A few tips on confidence….

Fake it till you make it.  Do your hair, fix your makeup, you’ll feel better and more confident, yes its important to be real but if you’re nervous, try to do something that will give you an extra boost of confidence for the first few lives, get a new shirt, manicure, whatever! Consider this an investment in YOU and your business!


Always have your camera angle from slightly above and tilted down, this is a very flattering angle and will help you feel more confident, and avoid the camera looking up your nostrils!


Lighting, lighting, lighting! ( Seriously, the ring light is like magic. It's my #1 cannot live without the tool!)

Remember…growth comes from moments when we are pushed outside our comfort zones! Nothing worth having comes easy!!!