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Chalk Couture Business Opportunity

Chalk Couture is a direct sales company allowing you to create a strong, dynamic business from the comfort of your home.  For just $99 plus shipping you can launch the crafting business you've been dreaming of!  Using a wholesale model, Chalk Couture allows you to carry inventory with a 40% instant commission/discount, or let's you sell directly from your replicated website for a 25% commission.  This model allows you to work your business in a way that fits best for you and your family with a flexible selling structure.

This ground floor opportunity launched on July 1, 2017 and has been creating buzz all around the market with under 15,000 designers nationwide!  Launch your crafting career TODAY!

Compensation and Benefits

The Chalk Couture compensation plan is built to support developing those on your team regardless of their level.  In many MLM structures people cease to be "important" further down on a leg.  This isn't the case with Chalk Couture.  Check out the graphic for additional details. 


Benefits are abundant.  Chalk Couture offers consistent training for all designers, leadership training for those with growing teams, a best-in-class support team at Chalk Central, and loads of positive energy and help in reaching your dreams.  In addition designers get perks such as:


  • Couture Club transfer of the month one month in advance

  • $20 Designer Dollar Credit for each $200 in personal volume each month

  • A one time $500 bonus for hitting Master Mentor the first time

  • A Designer Debut program to kick-start your business and earn up to $480 in FREE product in your first 3 months as a designer

  • Annual Leadership Conference 

  • Annual Convention

  • Incentive Trips


We would LOVE to talk to you more about launching your Chalk Couture business!  Click on the button below and we'll be happy to work with you toward reaching your goals as a successful entrepreneur!