Chalk Couture is an amazing company because instead of your typical direct sales model where you can't charge for makeovers, or a manicure using the company's products with other companies, you can absolutely charge for a make and take event!!!

Social crafting parties are SUPER trendy and hot hot hot! 


So basically, trust us on should have NO problem booking make and take events with chalk couture! The hardest part is selecting which designs and surfaces you want to chalk on. 

The very first thing we suggest when you are wanting to host your first party is to pick some friends and/or family to practice on before you go public!


We usually tell it's a very low cost since this is a trial party and I'm trying to get my feet wet. They may know you are doing direct sales. Tell them "This is not your average Tupperware party here ok?!" There is NO catalog to buy from or even product on site! You literally just come craft, no pressure!!! 

A good idea for a first party is either a non-frames chalk couture chalkboard, a piece of pine wood that you will paint, a canvas and a few of our medium size transfers. 

Here is an example of what you could offer from Chalk Couture at a first party.


We don't often recommend very intricate or multilayer designs. You're just getting your feet wet the first time so we just want to get a feel for the flow of a party. 



















If you want to use just chalk couture products, this, of course, helps your PV or personal volume requirements and helps you keep your designer status by counting towards you $150 per 3 months requirement. 


So say you have 5 people coming to your party, you can purchase each person a chalkboard and then offer 3 designs.  Total Cost would be $98.32+ chalk pastes (I'd have a variety of colors, maybe 10 or so would work. 

If you charge each guest $25.00 you're at $125.00.  Now, yes you have to purchase the supplies, but you're keeping the transfers and chalk pastes! You're only "out" the chalkboards and that was $65.95 (for the cheapest option). 

Now you have transfers and chalk paste to use at the next party! So for your next event, you can offer the same things but this time you're keeping more profit!! It takes a while to build up your inventory, but every time you do you can reinvest that into your business, save a little, and spend a little! 


This tends to throw people off but it does not have to be complicated.

I suggest taking payments a few different ways, you can either use an option like PayPal, Square or takes cash or checks on site. (I don't recommend checks unless you know them!) The easiest way to take payment is to invoice people via PayPal or square. You just simply need their email address, you can write an invoice to them and they can pay. They do NOT need a PayPal account to pay, they can just use a card or even their bank account.

After you host your trial friends and family party you will want to start advertising your parties in your area locally to expand. You can seek out hostess and give them rewards for hosting! Who doesn't love free product! You can either offer hostess rewards in the form of products, or in a free class.  Chalk Couture is an interesting product because they probably just want the social crafting aspect not necessarily to purchase transfers, (though everyone is different!).  You can offer one or the other. "You can do your project for free with 6 paid guests, or you can get $20 in store credit for anyone who orders products! Please may love the party so much they want to buy products! 



Here is how the average create and take should go

  • Guests arrive greet, chit chat, pour wine, etc.

  • Gather the group and tell them to be sure to follow all your instructions. Pass out a sample chalkboard and maybe a small transfers (I like to use something like cut apart hearts, or even a letter for everyone so they can know how to use the chalk paste and transfer) 

  • Demonstrate an example on your own board so they can see how it works. Remind them to work quickly, how chalk paste dries, even maybe get a little on the side of your board to show them how easy it is to clean up any accidents! 

  • Let your guests go to town!

  • Have a cleanup station somewhere, if you're at a home the kitchen sink and a counter works well

  • Hopefully, all done and everyone has amazing boards!!


This is super important! You need to get a photo because you'll use this to sell your event! People sign up for things when they see their friends did it, or regular people do really pretty crafts!!

Clean up, put transfers away, thank your hostess and thank the guests!

Remind your guests that the hostess will (choose your incentive) and that if they want to book a party for themselves they can do that tonight!

You could even offer an extra special incentive if they book a party that night with you! 

I hope that helps! We'll have more training but this should get you started!!!