I want to build a team but how?

You've demonstrated the project either online or in person and people fell in love, you know your friend would be PERFECT for the business but how do you close the deal and get them on your team?  Well, first you lead by example.

What has chalk couture done for you? Everyone should have formulated some sort of elevator pitch to spit out to people when he or she asks "what's chalk couture? or What do you do"


Your pitch should include several things
  1. Who you are and what you were doing before. 

  2. How you found chalk couture

  3. What you have been able to do since joining


Here is mine "Hi, I'm Robin and for the last 10 years I've been making handmade crafts! My mother introduced me to chalk couture and after doing a little research, I JUMPED in head first! I couldn't wait to get started! I'm now making triple what I made at my corporate job and love helping other women realize their dreams and go after them! 


So all you'll do is share your story.


Of course, you'll tell them about all the fun you are having! The best thing to do is to be authentic! Don't say "oh girl I only work 30 minutes a week in the carpool lane and making thousands!!" Puh-lease!! This is a BUSINESS, so set the expectations. It will require work. It will require sacrifice, but it will give you opportunities beyond your dreams if you put in the work! 


Don't assume everyone wants to join and become a team leader, or gazillionaire! Some people want to join to just craft, some want to have a social group and be part of something, some want to really go far and make a top leader.  We like to chat with my prospects and find out what they are looking for. Then we can make a suggestion for them based on their needs. Remember you are serving your clients and providing value to them! If it truly doesn't make financial sense for them to join, be honest! They respect you and appreciate you! 

If you have people still on the fence, we just give them all the information they request 

Send them a link to send them to a quick 15-minute video! 



Here's what's important "Hey, I'm going to send you a video, that explains it all!, It's about 15 minutes, when do you have time to watch and then I'll follow up with you? 

Some won't even think, they'll sign up on the spot! Once they do remember, it's now your job to lead them to all the resources you have here at Chalkin' Dream Team! Send them the welcome email with all our links. Tag them in all our training videos on Facebook, point them to this website, and to the chalk couture training and business resources. 


Whatever you do DO NOT ABANDON THEM! They are counting on you! If you're unsure what to do, add them to the team facebook page and tell them to ask all the questions there!! 

Some Scripts to help you.
  1. "I don't have the money"- I understand that I remember living paycheck to paycheck, it was a struggle, since I joined chalk couture we finally have a little breathing room again and with the generous compensation plan I know I'll be making enough to even start putting some away for a rainy day soon!

  2. "I'm not good at sales", I don't want to be pushy and icky"- I get that! believe me! I hate all those icky sales things that show up on facebook! That's why I've always stayed far away from direct sales! However, my team is SO not like that!!  We have a better way. If I can show you how to sell without even feeling like its selling, would you give it a shot

  3. "I don't have the time."-  Who does!!? I'm so busy running after the kids, school, work, xyz, but weeding all that vinyl was KILLING Me (if it applies) so this saves me so much time!! I love this because I can make signs in MINUTES and turn around and sell them for a great profit!!  It's a huge time saver!!! I made 10 signs/chalkboard, etc in an hour yesterday!!! 

  4. I don't have any friends/know anyone! f you're on facebook...you literally have millions and millions of humans accessible to you! Are you prospecting? Building relationships? Who could use our product? 


Reach out to them! Get to know them, why would they benefit from Chalk Couture? Share the love with them. here's something cool...Don't think of it like you're recruiting people, think of how you can impact someone's life! Could they use a business without struggling to start something from the ground up?  Offer the opportunity to them! YES, even if you're not feeling successful yet!! The OPPORTUNITY Is there! The plan is set up and organized. You never know who will take off and will be super motivated!