Selling your own products made with chalk couture


Yes, you absolutely make products using the chalk couture chalk paste and transfers and sell those designs!

You can sell to friends, family, online on Facebook, Etsy, Amazon handmade, your brick and mortar store, your own personal website, the back of your trunk! It's all good! 


A great source of income for you is to use the designs and put them on different surfaces and sell those items!

You can use chalkboards of course (hobby lobby, Michaels, and even Walmart have great chalkboards (but be sure to wax!). You can also make a design on a chalk couture chalkboard and sell that too! So many possibilities!


We personally love wood signs the best!

We found an amazing tutorial for framing your wood signs as well if you would rather build them:  Learn How to Frame Here! 

We used to use Etsy a lot and its great place to sell your handmade goods, just know your pictures need to be ON POINT over there! It's all about the gorgeous photos! We'll have training soon about product photography!

If you need to know how to set up your Etsy Store Here is a great resource for you --How to start an Etsy Shop