Yay!! You've signed up! You're an official Chalk Couture Designer! Congratulations on jumping on this great opportunity! We are so excited you are here. I know you have a million questions, I did too! I want to try to make it easy for you to soak up all the information out there. This website will be your best resource so you can access all the great training that is offered to you.  Now that you are a designer, you are able to go right into your back office and order products at your designer discount which is 40% off of retail.  You will, however, receive a coupon from the company a week or so after your kit ships for the ONE TIME use 50% off coupon! (woo hoo!) This is a great chance to stock up on everything you have been eyeing! 


Let's go over a few questions


Q- How long does it take to get my kit?

A- Orders are processed within 5 days and ship after that. We know you are excited but please be patient with the company as there are so many others who are as excited as you and signed up the same day! They are working as fast as they can and bringing on extra shifts to help with shipping. 


Q- Do I have to pay the $19.99 fee if I don’t want a website?

A- Remember this is a business. Businesses have expenses. JOBS do not. You are starting your own business… there will be costs. Website maintenance is one of them. The $19.99 is not charged upon sign up but will start the second month. It covers your website, the cell phone-POS system, and you receive a transfer each month for the chalk couture club. You are getting this transfer one month before it’s released to the public, so you can promote the transfer and show your customers what can be done with it. There is no way to avoid this fee. Websites cost money to maintain. Your website is a way to send people to your site to purchase, and you receive a 25% commission on those sales. Also, you should not be charged this fee until the 2nd month of your business.


Q How do I log in and place an additional order?

A- Please go to your website (http://Storename.chalkcouture.com), on the right side click “Log In”> Then Go to the left sidebar and select Inventory> Then >Purchase Inventory


Q- What is Personal Volume?

A- Personal volume is the wholesale amount of orders. There are different requirements for levels within the company. Your own purchases count towards your PV because you pay a wholesale amount. When an order comes in online through your website, you will get credit for the wholesale amount. (i.e. $100 retail order, you get $60 of that towards your personal volume)


Q- What is the minimum I need to sell in order to keep my designer status?

A- Minimum is $150 per QUARTER. This starts in the quarter following your sign up and follows calendar quarters (I.e. q4= Oct, Nov, Dec).  If you sign up in October, you will not be removed as a designer until the following quarter if you fail to meet minimums)


Q- What is the minimum I need in order to earn a commission if I start building a team?

A- If you have a team and wish to be paid commissions for your downline you need to submit $200 in Personal Volume per month.


Q- What does PSQ Mean?

A- Personally Sponsored Qualified- This applies to your downline and applies when you want to promote to a new career title. To advance in rank you’ll see requirements such a Team Volume, Personal Volume and PSQ- This means you need to have so many designers on your downline who have qualified. Qualified means they have at least $100 in PV.


Q- What is the Designer Debut, and how do the designer dollars work?

A-Designer Debut is a fast start program that rewards you with designer dollars (product credit) for meeting certain requirements within the first 3 months you are with the company.

Please check out this PDF, that explains it all! https://chalkcouture.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/DesignerDebut_7117.pdf


Q-How do we receive our designer dollars?

A- They are emailed around the 15th of each month and are sent to your email with a custom code. You can enter the code at checkout to receive your credit. You CANNOT combine coupon codes and they expire 60 days after they are sent.


Q- I don’t see all the transfers I’m being told are available

A- The categories currently do not work well, please select “ALL” then look for everything.  This should be around 9 pages. If you have less than that, then all of your items are not showing. If you do not see a transfer you want, chances are it is sold out. Check the current product sheet located in the announcement section of the back office.


Q-How do I seal my projects to make them permanent

A- You can use a clear acrylic sealer. We recommend a SPRAY sealer so you don’t smudge your design. We have also had success with Waverly wax to seal, but you need to practice what you prefer. Honestly, if your design won’t be outside and getting wet, you don’t need to seal it a lot of the time. The chalk paste holds up very well.


Q-How do I clean Transfers?

A- Lay your transfer in water or rinse at the sink. Then lay sticky side up, wipe with a disinfectant wipe and let them air dry. Once they are dry place back on the backing paper or in an art portfolio.


Q-My Chalk Paste is really thick. What should I do?

A- Add a little bit of water and stir with a popsicle stick. It should thin out a bit.


Q- I’m having some issues, whom do I contact first?

A- Always contact your sponsor first. If you sponsor cannot help you, you can email corporate or you can call corporate directly at 1-844-673-6316.  If you have an issue with an order and email them, it will require a photo. Please be sure to submit a photo of any product damage, so they can go through the appropriate steps to remedy the situation.



Waiting On My Kit

The excitement is building! You’re ready to dive in, but what can you do to prepare yourself so you’re off to a great start when you’re waiting on your kit?

Here are a few ideas.


Set up your back Office

Verify your Bank Account (this takes 2-3 business days, the deposit comes from ACH deposit).


Make sure you are turned on to show up in the designer locator  Select My account >business address MUST BE TYPED IN TO SHOW UP IN THE LOCATOR. 






















Create a folder on your computer to keep all your chalk couture images, videos, documents and more. You want one central location that is easy to find everything you need to effectively run your business.


Start your Facebook page-


Here is a video walkthrough on how to do that. Remember that you MUST specify you are a Chalk Couture Independent Designer. (You’re website cant say “chalk couture”


(Robin to create a video)


Here is a link to show you how to add Chalk Couture products to your facebook page so they can click the SHOP NOW button and click a product link to take them directly to your website to purchase.


(Robin to create a video)



Order Promotional materials like business cards and banners.

Order your business cards if you will use those if you plan to do vendor events order your banner and work on building displays.  Here is the link to vista print to order promo materials



Begin Sharing videos and Photos on your page to Build Excitement

Our team has created a one spot to share videos we make and our photos that you are welcome to use. Please do not add your own watermark to these unless it specifically states you can. Download them and save them to your computer.  Here is the link to our team google drive.




Watch Videos and read anything and everything you can get your hands on!!!