Vendor events, Craft Shows, Expos, they can seem Incredibly Overwhelming!

We have several big shows under our belts and I feel we can help get you started with your next event!

Let's discuss first...

What kind of show should I sign up for? 

There are several options when trying to find a good show.

When it comes to shows you need to have the attitude that some may be great and some may be a flop, it may rain, traffic may stink, there could be another event in town, even down to your local news, can all affect how well you'll do at a show. If you go into your first few shows EXPECTING a certain dollar amount you may be disappointed. If you go along with "I'd like to go for the experience, making contacts and connections and just meeting people" this may be better for you. Remember, you are in NETWORK marketing, so sometimes making a few KEY connections can absolutely change your business. 

So before you sign up for a show I would first ask the following questions


  • How long is the show?  

  • Is this a new event?

  • How is in marketing? (billboards, TV spots, magazine placement, Facebook promotions? 

  • How many expected attendees?

  • How many vendors?

  • What percentage will be direct sales vs Handmade?

  • What is the booth size?

  • What are the fee's

  • Does it come with electric?

  • What about wifi?

  • Does the building have a good internet service?

  • Do they provide tables or will you?

  • Are there any extra fee's?

  • What about flooring? Do they provide it?

Backdrop- We have a grid wall, it was inexpensive but it is HEAVY.

















This was our first space it was a 10x10. It was TIGHT! We made it work but we had a LOT of inventory! This was our first Pinners show, Robin and I didn't leave that booth for two days it was crazy!

(Matt to add Pinners GA / MN Pics)


This was the second booth we did. This was a 10x20 booth and we had SOO much more room!  We loved it!


The demo space is EVERYTHING! Chalk Couture is a product you just have to SEE. You SELL what you SHOW, so you have to show how EASY chalk couture is. We use our framed chalkboard, they are beautiful quality, easy to clean and I think its best to highlight our premium product instead of our budget options. YOU SELL WHAT YOU SHOW! We did Demos ALL DAY LONG.  We often had crowds around us wanting to see what all the fuss was about! Also, be sure to be the paste and transfers in their hands!  People need to see and feel and know that its not a trick and YES it really is that simple!.

You can't see here, but we offered Bundles. Our best Bundle was a 9x12 Aiden Chalkboard, an 8x11 transfers, paste and squeegee for 72.00(some change in there but I forget).  It can get very confusing to explain what the product is, sometimes they don't know what they need, so if you can simply make it easy for them and offer everything they need to make the cute project that was on your wall, they're more likely to buy! 

I liked to offer their choice of design. So try to steer clear of bundling pre-made choices because they are likely to get picky over the transfer and want something else.  We post some additional bundle item ideas and such as we go on.


Doing shows has been a fantastic way to get out there and share the chalk love with everyone, everyone is SO excited to see something new! So I would highly encourage you to give vendor events a try!!

More to come soon....